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"As the Marketing Manager/Graphic Designer at Baja Carports, I receive a handful of solar industry publications. I am acquiring my favors, and enerG is one of them. From the articles to the graphics, each issue always manages to gain my attention. Keep up the great work enerG!"
Terri Mierkey, Marketing Manager, Baja Construction Co., Inc.

"In a field literally a wash in media of all types — digital, social and print, enerG really stands out uniquely by providing a high quality print publication with practical, real world stories on some of the most interesting projects happening in alternative energy today. I truly look forward to getting my monthly copy of enerG because I know it will be full of "news I can use" as opposed to editorial platitudes, puff pieces or science fiction you see from a number of other alternative energy news outlets."
Hanan Fishman, Alencon Systems — Passionate About Power

"enerG Magazine is our trusted partner and Jan is great to work with!"
Teresa Zhao, GameChange Solar, LLC

"As a leading energy savings/performance contracting firm, Johnson Melloh has built its success on the foundation of solid, long term relationships. Several years ago, as we added alternative energy to our portfolio mix, enerG Magazine was one of the first publications to which we subscribed. enerG has been a valuable resource to us as we formed new, long term relationships with the companies and advertisers highlighted in your publication. The relevant, real profile content and solid companies advertising, along with the long shelf life are why enerG is a staple in our office and as a place where we advertise."
Bob McKinney, Chief Operating Officer Johnson-Melloh Solutions

"enerG has been a great source of promotion because their articles always align with our current products. The additional exposure that we receive from distribution at trade shows that we also exhibit at is priceless. We advertise with a number of publications, and the enerG representatives are always helpful and proactive in their communications."
Angela Kliever, VP of Marketing & Communications Schletter, Inc.

"enerG is the magazine our target audience reads. We needed to reach the whole PV value chain - and enerG provided the reach we needed."
Elizabeth Kucharz, Marketing Specialist 11 UL LLC

"As investment banker advising growing companies in the Energy and Clean Tech sectors on financing and M&A transactions, I find that the content of enerG Magazine provides valuable and timely market information and insights in a concise format, that helps me provide better advice to my clients. Also, I am watchful of the companies that advertise in the magazine, as they are typically leaders and innovators - I know, because several of my clients advertise in enerG."
Christopher Page, Investment Banker Energy and Clean Tech

"As a dedicated reader of and advertiser in, "ener G" for several years I believe this is a premier industry publication for alternative energy sources, and it is a magazine I trust to reach the customers and associates in this Industry, making a difference in my business."
Donald Reed, CEO Green Earth Developers LLC

"enerG never fails to inform about the latest trends and technologies. As an international trade fair organizer with multiple events in the industry, we value enerG for its coverage of all clean generation sources. More importantly, it helps us connect with our target audience here in the U.S."
Ulrike Hammer, Director, Energy Events Hannover Fairs USA, Inc.

"When customers called and said they saw our ad in enerG, we knew we'd made the right investment. This is a magazine that solar manufacturers actually read because the content is consistently relevant from issue to issue."
Jannica Greife, Managing Partner SMARTECH

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your publication. It is full of interesting articles and I usually read it from cover to cover as soon as I get it. Great job! Keep up the good work."
Dave Robau, Environmental Scientist 
LEED Green Associate
HQ Air Force Special Operations Command/A7AV

 "I enjoy reading the variety of industry related articles in enerG Magazine.I find it is a great way to learn more about renewable energy and the growing uses of green technology in our society today."
Elvia Picco, Development Officer, Advancement
Okanagan College Foundation

"Fantastic magazine. On behalf of the company with which I am involved, I wish to inform you that many contacts have been made and much information garnered."
Fred Haavisto, BIO-DRI Canada

"Thanks for a very helpful magazine. Of the many magazines I receive each month, this is one of the most informative in the renewable's industry."
Jim Crowell, PVe

"Just read a few back issues and found them very inspiring. Keep up the good work and don't forget Canadian content."
Charles Gobeil, Clean Fuels Pipeline Inc.

"We have to ramp up our use of alternative energy sources, and enerG Magazine is leading the way in showing how we can do that. enerG Magazine is also showing the development results and possibilities from all over the Globe. That's why I follow it very carefully."
Dr. Arto Timperi, Development Manager, Business Solutions
Technical Research Centre of Finland

"We all know we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, we just don't know how! enerG Magazine provides a partial roadmap to seriously begin that transition."
Bill Carlson, Carlson Small Power Consultants

"Every country owes its citizens an energy-independent future with alternative/renewable/clean energy resources as part of its national resources portfolio. enerG Magazine can help establish this challenging yet exciting roadmap of new initiatives and strategies."
Dr. Arun Jhaveri, Regional Manager
Federal Energy Management Program, U. S. Department of Energy

"I get a lot out of the publication.  I have learned of new companies and products that relate to my energy (solar) sector and that's a very valuable resource.  Thank you for existing."  
John Mason, Sunergy

"Your magazine is great. I read every page."
William Williamson, JMC Forest Maintenance

"While I do read your magazine in print form, it would be quite convenient to be able to read the current issues on-line as well. Just a thought. Thanks again for your good publication ."
Richard J. Pantel, P.E., President
TectoniCorp, P.C. / Princeton Engineering