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enerG magazine covers all areas of renewable energy including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and biofuels such as ethanol.

Q4 2022


Solar power—and educational opportunities—at Arkansas university: The University of Arkansas Hope–Texarkana is now experiencing the benefits of not only a new solar array but also a solar lab for its students. The 1 MW ground-mount solar array, which involved project developer Entegrity Energy Partners and racking provider OMCO Solar, will provide educational opportunities for students through the new solar lab.

Clearing the path for community solar:  ClearPath Energy has recently completed work on a 38 MW portfolio of New York State community solar projects, involving Castillo Engineering, and with FTC Solar providing tracking equipment for the projects.

Offshore wind power taking off in U.S.: With offshore wind power taking off in the United States, enerG takes a look at the first offshore wind power project built in U.S federal waters, Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project, to see how it came together, and what lessons might be learned for the many offshore wind projects to follow.

Appalachian solar power benefits recovery center: West Virginia-based Mountain View Solar recently completed a solar project on the Mountaineer Recovery Center and in addition to helping reduce its energy costs, it also helped the center combat opioid addiction by employing people who were enrolled in the center’s recovery program.

Ask the Experts: As part of the effort to support the industry in moving renewable energy forward, enerG is running a regular feature, Ask the Energy Experts, that poses a topical question involving renewable energy to three industry representatives. The question we ask of renewable energy experts in the Q3 issue is: What do you feel is the biggest issue/challenge facing the U.S. renewables industry as 2022 comes to a close—and what can the industry do about this issue?

Guest Columns: Three guest columns from: RESA Power, WindESCo and The National Association of Home Builders.

Editor’s Note: Lots to like—for renewables—in Inflation Reduction Act Despite its slightly misleading name, there is lots to like—in terms of U.S. renewable energy initiatives—in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act.

On the Grid: enerG takes a snapshot look at recently completed renewable energy projects.

For The Record: U.S. President Joe Biden says it’s time to tackle the Climate Crisis—with renewable energy.

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Summer 2019

enerG Feature Focus: Solar Mounting & Tracking Systems

Guest Column: Best Practices for Solar Mounting on Standing Seam Metal Roofs
By Rob Haddock

Guest Column: Exploring Iowa's wind energy industry
By Debi Durham, Director, Iowa Economic Development Authority

Guest Column: Small bearing changes can save wind power operators big money
By Caleb Chovan, Senior Wind Bearing Application Engineer, The Timken Company

Converting brownfield to solar brightfield
By Paul MacDonald

Making history in Iowa-with wind power
By Tony Kryzanowski

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About us...

enerG is an exciting quarterly magazine that delivers the big picture and bright future of the fastest growing industry-renewable energy-in North America. Its mission is to provide up-to-date information on renewable energy sources, and strategies on how to use our current resources to generate more environmentally friendly power.

enerG is newsworthy and thought provoking. Regular features include profiles of renewable energy projects, and information on new products, services and technologies.

enerG is a controlled circulation magazine, reaching more than 32,000 (combined print/digital) decision-makers in energy and related businesses. These decision-makers have direct influence and purchasing power on renewable energy projects, products and services.

enerG is focused on the entire North American market. We are dedicated to meeting the editorial needs of our readers, and reaching a select target audience for our advertisers.