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enerG magazine covers all areas of alternative energy including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and biofuels such as ethanol.

January / February 2015

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Forever solar for Forever 21:  SunPower and PermaCity Solar have wrapped up work on the largest single rooftop solar power system in Los Angeles—and the third-largest in California—a 5.1 MW project on the roof of the head office of fashion retailer, Forever 21.  

Community solar power a hit in Florida:  A community carport solar power project developed in that sunniest of locations, Florida, has proven to be a big hit with both the power company, Orlando Utilities Commission, and its customers—subscriptions to the solar power sold out in less than a week.  

More Pattern wind power in the panhandle:  Pattern Energy has added to its wind power in the Texas Panhandle, with its Panhandle 2 project joining the Panhandle 1 project, for combined output of 400 MW of wind power.  

Solid solar incentives:  Thanks to some solid renewable energy incentives at the state level in Indiana, Melink Corporation was able to move ahead with one of the largest rooftop solar power systems in the U.S. Midwest, a 3.1 MW project in Indianapolis.  

enerG Focus on: Solar Inverters:  enerG takes a look at the new products and developments in the components so essential to solar power projects: inverters  

For the Record: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says it’s time for an all-hands-on-deck partnership from government and business, labor, academia and the nonprofit sector to make real progress on energy and climate challenges.

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enerG On the Wire with up to date information on the companies and people making news in alternative energy

enerG is an exciting bimonthly magazine that delivers the big picture and bright future of the fastest growing industry-alternative energy-in North America. Its mission is to provide up-to-date information on alternative energy sources, and strategies on how to use our current resources to generate more environmentally friendly power.

enerG is newsworthy and thought provoking. Regular features include profiles of alternative energy projects, and information on new products, services and technologies.

enerG is a controlled circulation magazine, with a guaranteed reach of over 25,000 individuals and key decision-makers in the industry These decision-makers have direct influence and purchasing power on alternative energy projects, products and services.

enerG is focused on the entire North American market. We are dedicated to meeting the editorial needs of our readers, and reaching a select target audience for our advertisers.



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